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QA and Testing Solutions

Core Testing & Transformation Services

When it comes to any software development project, big or small, quality assurance is vital to the overall success of the end-product. At First Tek, we take this responsibility seriously and do our best to aid clients in each step of the QA testing process. By reaching out to discover the needs of users and basing our development approach on these insights, we help you create a more successful product.

With new technologies evolving every day leading to new challenges in the market, IT companies have to work efficiently in order to keep up with demand. Methodologies and processes like Agile, Cloud, and Mobility allow us to stay ahead of the competition, and abreast of ever-changing trends and technologies.

In situations like this, having well thought out, technology-driven solutions at hand allow you to accelerate the software testing and development process. First Tek offers a host of tools and solutions that cater to different areas in testing, test automation, security, and more to maintain a seamless experience throughout.

Our Core Testing and Transformation Services include:

Functional Testing
Compatibility Testing
Regression Testing
System Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
Installation Testing
Test Automation
Performance Testing

Load Testing
Mobile Test Automation
Test Environment & Data Management
Security Testing

Specialized QA Testing Services

The IT industry is continuously expanding and evolving, even more so when one considers the growth of distributed collaborative teams across the globe. On top of this, each new software that comes on the market adds to the complexity of these technologies and often require a multi-tier approach to service the multitude of different devices out there. First Tek addresses these challenges with innovative testing tools, processes, and solutions.

First Tek offers dedicated testing services to our clients for improving performance across the board. Our core testing services offer targeted and highly effective results for businesses looking to boost customer engagement and deliver quality products. With First Tek’s wide range of solutions that are proven to deliver high levels of satisfaction and results for clients throughout the USA and around the world.

First Tek offers specialized QA testing services including:

DevOps Testing
Big Data Testing

Cloud Testing
Database Testing

Packaged Application Testing
Social Media Testing

Regulatory Compliance Testing Services

Another absolute necessity in software development is a strict adherence to compliance and regulatory standards to avoid security and legal issues. This isn’t just about the launch of the product, this is an ongoing process of auditing your product and performing validation of compliance throughout the life cycle of the software. Regular updates, maintenance, and enhancements should be released for applications to continuously improve in regards to functionality, efficiency, and compatibility.

First Tek provides regulatory software testing services throughout all stages of software development, from requirements analysis through product launch and beyond. These standards not only ensure an increased security and productivity in the development lifecycle, but they lower testing and implementation costs and even reduce the delivery time of the product.

We use a tested, well-structured monitoring system and evaluation process to check that every software application we build meets business specifications, regulatory standards, and performs exceptionally. First Tek developers do this on a regular basis to ensure compliance of the software product throughout the entire project.

Our regulatory compliance testing services include:

PCI DSS Compliance testing
FDA Validation Testing

21 CFR Part 11 Validation
HIPAA Validation Services

Technical Support & Advisory Services

Technical support is another integral part of any software application, especially when the product is customer-facing. Having an expert support team can be the difference between a short and long-term client relationship. First Tek has a best-in-class support team, backed by years of successful client relationships, that caters to your specific business needs and provides resolutions in record time.

Far too often, today’s companies will forsake product quality in the name of meeting deadlines, budgets, and pressure from upper management. However, in this pursuit for perfection, more often than not you will come up empty-handed or with a below-average product. At First Tek, we understand what it takes to meet these demands and still maintain product quality

Our additional technical support advisory services include:

Testing Centers of Excellence Setup
QA Maturity and Process Assessment
Test Tool Assessment Services

Return on Investment Analysis
Technology Escrowing Services
Managed Testing Services

Development Support
Product & OS Support
Testing Support

First Tek provides end-to-end software testing, enabling enterprises to blend expertise, best practices, and the latest tools in testing to deliver customer value. In addition to consulting, our services provide training to your testers that leads to effective and dynamic projects. All of this is designed to help your organization deliver excellent products that will give you a leg up on the market.

By making software testing part of the entire lifecycle of a product, rather than an afterthought, we are able to achieve better results with greater efficiency than your competition. First Tek will help you choose and implement the right strategies for you to efficiently manage and refine your QA testing throughout the process.