Why First Tek?

Are you looking to join a growing company with exciting opportunities for advancement and a rewarding career path? First Tek provides world-class services and solutions around the globe and we want you to join us!

  • At First Tek, you’ll join a global workforce with a wide spectrum of skill sets and capabilities. Not only that, but your coworkers will be from a vast range of countries and cultures working together for a common cause. By bringing together these unique identities and unifying them under the First Tek name, we can support systems, services, and processes that run the world’s most powerful companies. Our human touch and values are what set us apart and allow us to continue delivering success to our clients.
  • First Tek values simplicity, creativity, integrity, independence, and most of all, respect. These values are not only fundamental to our culture and our business, but they guide our actions every day.
  • When you work at First Tek, you have the chance to work in your business or IT specialty, offering world-class service and solutions from a company with a fantastic selection of offerings.
  • We take corporate responsibility seriously and everything we do is guided by a code of ethics. Our “Day Out” challenge is just one example of how we encourage First Tek employees around the world to volunteer in their communities. No matter where you are or what position you fill, it’s always great to know you and your colleagues are making a difference.

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Working at First Tek

On Boarding New Employees
First Tek’s orientation program aims to bring new employees into the fold smoothly, enabling them to hit the ground running. We aim for this process to be more than just information about the company, our induction program builds relationships, knowledge, and understanding. Our comprehensive program ensures that every new employee feels like a vital part of the company’s success and is confident in their knowledge of the services we offer and the way we operate.

Recognizing Innovation 

Innovation can’t exist in a vacuum and in today’s world, our future depends on innovation. As a company that has built its success on developing new technology to improve the way we work, we do our best to create an environment where forward-thinking ideas are celebrated and rewarded. We hold regular brainstorming sessions to recognize creative ideas and collaborate on ways to bring those ideas to fruition.

Maximizing Potential 

Each First Tek employee develops a personalized development plan, something essential in our mission to provide first-class IT and business solutions to our clients. Part of that mission includes encouraging employees to take advantage of training opportunities for further skill and career development, both in their areas of expertise and new fields.

Building a Team

At First Tek, we believe that true growth can only be meaningful when it is inclusive. This is why we focus on cultivating an open, friendly environment that pushes experimentation and exploration, both as an employee and an individual. We encourage open interaction with senior management, reward healthy competition, and recognize outstanding performance, none of which could exist without the environment we have spent years cultivating.
Our values, which are the cornerstone of our business, demand the highest standards of ethical behavior from all of our employees. This stretches from senior executives to new hires. We hold ourselves to these standards and take pride in doing the right thing, no matter the circumstances.

Life at First Tek

Work Environment 

First Tek supports and believes that employees working in a healthy atmosphere with a work-life balance enables further employee and company success. From the very first day, we want you to contribute your own ideas for the development of the company and feel like you are part of something bigger.

Learning & Development 

From your first day throughout your career at First Tek, all employees are encouraged to develop their skills and capabilities based on their interests and talent. New employee induction introduces First Tek and facilitates a deeper understanding of the functions of the organization.


Meals, health insurance, accidental insurance, and more!

Employee Engagement 

First Tek has monthly engaging activities, including festivals, holidays, and employee appreciation. We believe that engaged employees bring a vibrancy to the company culture that helps build a stronger organization.

Reward & Recognition

We encourage and acknowledge superior performance and positive behavior by recognizing our employees through a quarterly reward program.