Executive Leadership

Kumar Bhavanasi

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Kumar Bhavanasi has a passion for driving efficiency and developing synergies among employees, clients, and vendors. He continually strives to understand what will make his clients and people successful, then collaboratively develops the long-term strategic vision and an efficient tactical plan and motivates his team to get results. He is the driving force behind First Tek’s success since its founding and guardian of the company’s loyalty and dedication to its clients and employees.

A veteran of the IT services arena, Kumar specializes in strategic planning, executive client relationships, driving revenue, and extending the overall business model through strategic partnerships. Kumar’s accomplishments include building enterprise systems for Fleet Bank, ADP Brokerage and Morgan Stanley and establishing strategic alliances with many of First Tek’s clients.

Kumar earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS) in India. He also earned a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of South Florida and Entrepreneur Certification at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He currently serves on several boards in advisory roles.

Ashok Shetty

Director of Business Development

Ashok Shetty brings more than a decade of sales, management and business development experience to First Tek. Ashok has extensive experience in managing the sales and operations of IT staffing, and with the help of a dedicated team, he has been part of the rapid growth of First Tek’s IT staffing business.

Ashok Shetty holds a PhD in Chemistry from Mumbai University and an MBA in Operations from University of Cincinnati, where he minored in Sales and Marketing.

Dominick Puma

Director of Recruitment

Dominick Puma has more than 30 years of experience in IT technical recruitment, sales, and administration. Dominick works collaboratively across First Tek to build excellent recruitment teams, strong talent acquisition strategies, and creative sourcing plans to ensure First Tek delivers the top technical professionals to clients. He also serves as a trusted partner to niche clients.

To ensure customer success, Dominic draws on vast experience supporting major Wall Street banking and brokerage firms, pharmaceutical companies, insurance firms, and government agencies to manage client relationships, as well as his professional standards, self-discipline, and flexibility.

Dominick holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from The College of Staten Island, Emerson Hill Campus.

Doreen Villaverde

Director of Immigration

Doreen Villaverde provides strategic leadership for all Immigration functions at First Tek Inc. She also manages internal and international communications, employee relations and strategic planning. Doreen brings multiple years of experience working in the IT environment in HR leadership roles with increasing responsibility.

Jordan Friedman

General Counsel

Lavanya Kotha

Chief Financial Officer

Lavanya Kotha brings strong analytical and financial management experience to First Tek, Inc. She oversees the financial performance of the firm, including budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting. Lavanya holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science.

Mariam Faisal

Director of HR and Operations

Julie Klima

Managing Director, Useagility, a First Tek, Inc. Company

Useagility is a leading human-centered design and technology consulting firm.

Jeff Cameron

General Manager, Brainchild, a First Tek, Inc. Company

Brainchild provides self-paced instruction for at-risk students online and on the proprietary Study Buddy handheld device.

Jeff Cameron founded Brainchild and invented the Study Buddy electronic tutor to help at-risk students. He also authors and deploys state standards-based educational content on Study Buddy cartridges and online assessment and instruction programs. Prior to founding Brainchild, Jeff founded and sold an emergency services publishing company that provided video and written training for firefighters and paramedics. He now concentrates on designing new content to expand Brainchild’s growing academic library. Jeff attended Boston University’s College of Broadcasting and Film and Boston University’s Division of General Education.

Sagar Babber

General Manager, Synxius, a First Tek, Inc. Company

Snyxius works with companies looking to disrupt their space or solve a complex business problem with innovative tech solutions.

Sagar Babber has over a decade’s experience in working with technology companies to build innovative mobile solutions. A software engineer by education and a tech entrepreneur by passion, Sagar came on board when First Tek acquired Snyxius in 2018. Sagar has extensive experience building and managing high performing development teams and leading strategic initiatives to drive business growth. He spearheads strategy and growth for the mobile division within First Tek.