First Tek has the insight, capabilities, and resources necessary to anticipate the needs of leading companies and help them make connections with exceptional tech talent for further success


By finding the right talent you need to get the job done correctly, First Tek makes developing robust IT solutions simple. Whether you are looking for IT staffing solutions, IT human capital management, or proven IT services, we can get you where you want to go.

Augment Your Current Staff

With over 1 million qualified candidates in our proprietary database, we can find the best possible IT professionals to work with your team and help achieve your goals. By removing the headache associated with hiring new talent, we give you the confidence you need to move quickly and achieve measurable results. Our IT professionals are hand-picked to meet your specific business needs, across every possible skill set and discipline.

Finding Permanent Placement

Our permanent placement division has a team of tenured recruiters that specialize in helping you find the exact talent you need. We take time to understand your existing culture and the specific skill-sets needed to successfully perform the role you are looking for. This saves a tremendous amount of time and money while allowing you to choose from only a handful of qualified candidates who will seamlessly blend into your existing infrastructure. Our clients demand the best and that’s what we deliver.

Project Management

 First Tek has the resources you need to plan, develop, implement, and manage even the most complex IT initiatives. We help you find and deploy the right talent with the skill sets you are looking for while optimizing your mix of internal staff and outside consultants.



With multiple offices in the US and India and clients spread across virtually every industry, First Tek has the resources you need to facilitate any IT initiative you bring our way, both big and small. First, we help you plan out the project, then we make sure you have the best possible tools and talent for the job. From there, we will guide you until product launch, ensuring a seamless process throughout.


Customer Knowledge

Whether you are just getting started weaving technology into your business or have already gotten started and simply need extra development help, First Tek can help you realize the full potential of your organization. From planning and analysis to implementation and integration, we have the expertise you need to be successful.


Sourcing Strategy

We take pride in our recruitment infrastructure that we have built over the last several years. By making key investments in staff and senior management, coupled with our state-of-the-art web-based CRM recruiting tool, we have everything you need to successfully find the talent you are looking for.


Screening & Selection

Before you ever meet our IT professionals, they have already been screened and selected to meet your specific business needs, no matter the request. We then provide you with insight into the candidates’ work history and future growth potential. Additionally, we can provide interview questions designed around your particular industry, culture, or objectives. Finally, we conduct debriefs with all parties involved to glean further improvements to our process.


Relationship Management

Throughout the entire recruitment process, we are continually learning and improving upon our process to deliver the best possible IT staffing solutions for our clients. We spend time working with each of our clients to provide custom, personalized recruitment models that can be built upon for future, long-term partnership success.

Our Staffing Quality Process

At First-Tek, we don’t just search the internet for our talent, we prescreen each candidate in order to find the best possible fit for both parties. By asking their career goals, we can match them with an individual employer’s needs and current openings. We then conduct confidential reference checks, counter offer consulting, candidate debriefs, offer presentations, and new hire follow-up. Our goal is to find talent that is excited to be a part of your company and this will stick around for the long-term.

On top of this, we will try our best to understand your company culture before selecting candidates with the hopes of finding the best possible fit. Our clients demand the best talent and that’s what we deliver.




Weekly IT Professional Connections




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