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n the same way utilities thrive on effective use of resources, so do their IT departments. This is why First Tek offers innovative solutions for your IT initiatives, including a Guaranteed Delivery Program, rich experience working with utilities, and a business mindset. Learn how we put efficacy and efficiency first and move IT forward in the utilities sector.

Facing rigorous government regulations and public scrutiny, utilities companies must work in tandem with local, state, and federal agencies to provide the best possible service to their clients. Many must find ways to minimize increasing rates in order to maintain their customers’ standards of living. Some private utility and energy companies have met this challenge by diversifying their operations with commodity trading divsions.

First Tek’s experience working with these companies, along with government and financial clients, perfectly compliments the needs of utility and energy companies. Our trained IT professionals have experience working with systems and projects from all three groups. Combining this diverse range of experience with our exceptional rapid response time helps us deliver the best possible IT professionals for our client’s requirements.

Our recruiting process can be further tailored to meet particular needs, such as ensuring all candidates have proper Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulations.

Our extensive expertise in IT staffing as well as the utilities industry makes us uniquely qualified to move your IT initiatives forward, jump start effective implementation, and set your company up for success on a global stage. See how we’ve fueled competitive advantages for your peers by reviewing our case studies.

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